Zero to One Hundred

As a second-year leadership consultant, I have had the great opportunity to be a full-time traveler both of my years. During these two years, I have gone from never before experiencing the high stress of full-time travel to now doing most things with ease. With that being said, I have been amazed and proud of the woman I have grown into.

Before becoming an LC I had never flown alone. The only flight I had ever been on was with my mother and it was just a round trip from Charlotte to Colorado. Being able to travel for both years has allowed me to close in on my 100th flight alone. Let’s just say I went from the woman arriving exactly two hours before her flight to now waiting for the flight attendants to call the very last group to board.

In my collegiate experience, I had never been on executive council. I remember heading to interview weekend thinking I was less qualified compared to the other candidates. I am proud to say that after these two years as an LC, if you ask me any question about a position I can give the answer, present a workshop about it, and teach you new ways to be a leader.

I grew up in an extremely small town in the middle of North Carolina. The only places I had ever traveled to were just your basic family destinations in the South. My three siblings and I enjoyed the sporadic trips to Disney World and the occasional visits to a North Carolina beach. However, as an LC I have been able to see so many other beauties the United States has to offer. I have visited 19 states during my LC experience, and in each state, I was lucky enough to have sisters welcome me into their homes.

In college, I remember dreading writing essays for class. I recall hoping to find a job that doesn’t require me to have written communication but rather verbal. As an LC we are required to write a 4- to 5-page report after each chapter visit. After making 50 chapter visits, I have been able to perfect my writing skills and learn how to effectively communicate through written words.

Lastly, the most important aspect I have learned through being an LC is gaining my own self-confidence. Before I started this job I had a difficult believing in my own capabilities. This opportunity has allowed me to experience and overcome events that I never before believed I could possibly overcome. With the help of my supervisors, LC teammates, and sisters from all across the country, I am truly a stronger, more confident woman.

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