10 Ways to Make Primary Recruitment More Fun

Recruitment is essential to sororities. We are continuously recruiting new members to join our sisterhood. One of the ways we do this is through primary recruitment. I am a recruitment supervisor for my chapter of initiation, and primary recruitment is one of the most fun things I get to do as a Sigma Kappa alumna. I enjoy the “Sigma Kappa boot camp” atmosphere of long days and late nights altogether, preparing members to recruit awesome new Sigma Kappas, and always trying to improve our plans.

Therapy dogs at primary recruitment
Therapy dogs at recruitment

However, recruitment can be stressful. Even when we have the best intentions, the long days and late nights can make us cranky and stressed over timing, smiling and rotating. This summer, the advisor to the vice president of membership and I wanted to make sure that our collegians felt supported and had fun during pre-recruitment week. We solicited ideas from our local alumnae chapter and from the recruitment team. We scrambled to make several ideas happen, and our efforts helped make pre-recruitment week more enjoyable for our members.

On Tuesday, we surprised collegians at a park with therapy dogs; Thursday, we gave them a Kona Ice break; and Friday, local alumnae came to the chapter house for house tours and we gave the collegians root beer floats. Members had more fun with primary recruitment this year and shared their excitement with our new members who look forward to primary recruitment next year. I can’t wait to surprise them with new ideas next year.

Here are some ways to make pre-recruitment and primary recruitment more fun:

  • Have themed days and dress according to the theme
  • Bring an ice cream truck (or Kona ice or cupcake truck) to the chapter house
  • Host a water balloon fight
  • Relax with therapy dogs
  • Post welcome notes on everyone’s doors
  • Host a yoga session
  • Bring Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast
  • Host a mock-recruitment event with alumnae and provide treats
  • Go to the pool and cool off
  • Relax with an outdoor movie on the lawn

What activities have you used to make recruitment more fun?

Kona Ice recruitment break at primary recruitment
Kona Ice break

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