15 Secret Santa Ideas


The holiday season is here! One of my favorite things to do this season is the Secret Santa gift exchange at work. A lot of people participate, and we have fun with it. Secret Santas must prepare five days worth of gifts with a limit of $20 for the week and drop off presents anonymously at the coworker’s desk or in the “drop off zone” in the lunch room. Everyone has fun guessing all week who might be their Secret Santa.

The ladies at work who coordinate the Secret Santa gift exchange have a great system. Everyone participating fills out an information sheet about what they like (and what to avoid). The list includes favorite candy, beverage, color, stores, scent, movie or TV show, and Christmastime things. There’s also a space for other ideas. The coworker I drew for Secret Santa this year likes atomic fireballs,
Diet Dr. Pepper, and weiner dogs. I knew I had to do something fun with the weiner dog idea, so I got these great wiener dog Christmas socks from Amazon for our final day of Secret Santa gifts. I think I’ll pair the socks with some delicious white chocolate party mix in a cute mason jar. For another one of the days, I’m filling a fun Christmas mug with atomic fireballs.


When planning my Secret Santa gifts, I especially like making fun gifts or tasty treats for my coworkers, rather than buying everything. I think homemade gifts can feel more personal, as well as help keep you under the spending limit. Check out these 15 Secret Santa ideas for your gift exchange with coworkers or friends. What other ideas do you have for Secret Santa?

  1. Movie night – Redbox code and popcorn
  2. Caramel marshmallow popcorn – I recently made this for my coworkers and they loved it!
  3. Muffins or breads – make your favorite banana bread or this eggnog cinnamon bread.
  4. Doughnuts – pick up some doughnuts and make their morning a little sweeter.
  5. Christmas cookies or chocolate gingerbread bars in a Christmas tin
  6. White chocolate party mix – I make this every year for my coworkers. I put it in mason jars decorated with Christmas ribbons.
  7. Candy cane cotton candy or other local favorite holiday treats
  8. Dog treats or other treats for pets
  9. Play-doh, nail polish, or other gifts for kids
  10. Dark chocolate caramel popcorn
  11. Christmas ornaments
  12. Treat cups filled with their favorite candy
  13. White chocolate pretzels
  14. Peppermint bark chocolate Chex mix
  15. Mistletoes nail polish

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