Six Tips and Tricks for Smooth Traveling

6 tips for travel

Over the past six years, I’ve developed into a very organized traveler. I’ve largely built these skills as a result of my professional choices – they have both moved me away from the rest of my family and often require me to travel for conferences and programs located all around the country.

I wasn’t always an organized traveler. I’ve had my share of frustrations and mishaps, but by building a travel routine that includes these six tips below, I’ve moved from unorganized to organized with confidence!

Pack one charger for every device you’re traveling with.

In my opinion, there are few things worse than having both my iPhone and my iPad lose power at the same time because I didn’t have enough chargers to keep them charged. Electronic chargers don’t take up much space, and using a travel organizer helps keep everything close at hand when it is needed – my travel computer mouse, laptop charger, two iPhone/iPad chargers, and an extra set of headphones (because it’s almost inevitable that I misplace a set of those when I’m traveling!).

Have options available for in-flight entertainment.

Most airlines are now offering WiFi and entertainment options on board, but it does sometimes come at a cost! By planning ahead with reading and music options, I’m able to avoid extra costs and make sure there is plenty to keep me occupied during flights.

To save space in my carry on, I’ve started using my iPad more and more for reading. I’ll admit I was a late adopter to using an electronic reader. And while I’d still much rather read an actual book, having multiple e-books downloaded on my iPad means I have options to choose from that doesn’t require an extra purchase in the airport.

In place of physical books, I’ve started sometimes traveling with PowerSheets instead so I can work on my 2016 goals. Those uninterrupted hours while up in the air are some of my favorite times to work on my PowerSheets. I can turn on music and focus on my thoughts and goals without feeling like the quiet time will be interrupted.

I also make sure to have a couple of different playlists downloaded onto my phone. I have a lot of music in my iTunes library and having it all downloaded all of the time takes up too much storage space. But because I can’t access the cloud storage while my phone is in airplane mode during a flight, I make sure to have a few different playlists downloaded so I have listening options to choose from.

Travel with a reusable water bottle.

Traveling with a reusable water bottle has helped to save money while traveling because I can refill my bottle without having to pay for it. Many airports have filtered water stations near restrooms that are specific for filling up water bottles. And others certainly have water fountains throughout, even if it they aren’t specifically designed for bottles. I’ve also found that on planes that are less full, sometimes flight attendants will fill your bottle during the drink service!

Travel wearing layers.

I am often quite cold, including when I travel. What I’ve learned, however, is that the temperature on airplanes and in airports can fluctuate significantly! So when traveling, I am sure to wear layers on my top half as that’s where I typically notice the temperature changes most.

If I’m traveling for work, I typically travel in a pair of black knit pants like these. They are comfortable and don’t wrinkle, which means that even if I experience less than ideal travel conditions, I always arrive looking polished. On top I’ll wear a lightweight shirt or sweater, depending on the season. Having another layer like a vest or jacket is also helpful, especially in the fall and winter seasons.

I also often travel with a large blanket scarf because of the versatility it provides. I like the window seat on airplanes which I’ve found are usually a little bit colder than middle or aisle seats. With a large scarf, I can wrap it around my shoulders or use it as a blanket to keep me from getting too cold during flight.

If I’m traveling for personal reasons, I’ll take a similar approach, but often swap out the black pants for leggings like these which allow me to remain comfortable and still look polished walking between terminals.

Use the KonMari folding method when packing.

Earlier this year on my personal blog, I shared my experience with the KonMari Method and how it helped me not only take back control of my closet but increase my confidence. In addition, this method has also helped me learn to neatly pack a suitcase!

The KonMari Method of folding helps keep your clothes relatively wrinkle-free and makes similar items a similar size for easy storing (or packing). If you haven’t tried this folding method before it does take some practice, but here’s a video that will help you learn the tricks!

By folding my clothes using this method, I know that I’ll have a limited amount of ironing to do when I arrive to my destination, which I definitely appreciate after long travel days!

Be flexible and friendly.

My final tip is to remain flexible and friendly. Airlines are moving thousands of people everyday, and most days do it without a hitch. But every once in a while, you’re going to experience a travel mishap. In the past six years of traveling I’ve had luggage lost, flights canceled and surprise weather conditions that caused lengthy delays. Remaining flexible, friendly and calm when working through these types of travel issues is going to keep you positive, and it might result in favor from the customer service representatives as well!

Want to read four more travel tips and tricks I recommend? Check out the original post on my personal blog, You Me Serendipity! I hope these tips will help you as you plan your next trip, and I’d love to know – what other travel tips do you use most often? Happy traveling!

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