6 Ways to Celebrate Founders’ Day

founders' day

Happy (almost) Founders’ Day!

Every year when November 9th rolls around, I am so proud to celebrate another year of Sigma Kappa! Sigma Kappa Sorority continues to provide me with opportunities and life lessons for which I am beyond grateful. For this reason, every day is a Sigma Kappa party, but none as special as Founders’ Day. Now that we’re alumnae, how do we celebrate Founders’ Day? There are several ways to show your support for Sigma Kappa. Best of all is you can celebrate however fits where you are in life. By the time you finish reading, you may want to jump in and do them all! So, without further ado, let’s set you up with some celebration plans for years to come.

Celebrate with heart!

1. Attend an alumnae and/or collegiate Founders’ Day celebration.

If you’re close to a college campus with a Sigma Kappa chapter, you’re in luck! Collegiate chapters always host the best Founders’ Day celebrations that include tasty treats, traditions and a shoutout to the alumnae in the room. If you need help finding an alumnae or college chapter close to you, just take a look at our chapter list.

2. Meet up with sisters for coffee, lunch, dinner or dessert.

Sometimes the simplest gestures and shared connections mean just as much as the big fancy to-do. Catching up and reminiscing about your Sigma Kappa experiences can be a fun way to honor the Sorority on Founders’ Day. Bonus points if you snap some cute pics and tag @sigmakappasorority on Instagram and use #SKFoundersDay!

3. Donate to the Sigma Kappa Foundation.

The Sorority wouldn’t be where it is today without our generous donations! The Foundation grants funding for scholarships, the leadership consultant program, the Alzheimer’s Association and many more that directly impact our members everywhere. In addition, the Foundation has announced a five-year, five million dollar Capital Campaign to strengthen our position as a leader among sororities. Donating is an amazing way to show your support for what the sorority stands for and where we’re headed in the years to come. Find out more about giving opportunities and how you can support the growth of our organization.

4. Wear your badge.

Dust them off, ladies, it’s time for Founders’ Day! Who else has a collection of dangles they love to show off with their triangle badge?! Wearing your badge is a physical way of showing the world you’re a part of Sigma Kappa. I guarantee you’ll get asked plenty of times what it is you’re wearing. After that, you can follow up with some fun facts about the Sorority and our Founders.

5. Volunteer.

Sigma Kappa is all about service, so why not lend a hand? Take an hour or two out of your day to care for the environment or read with the elderly. Volunteer to make cards for kiddos in the hospital or donate blood. There are a million different ways to serve the communities in which we live.

6. Get involved. Sigma Kappa is always in need of women who want to give back to the Sorority. There are opportunities to volunteer as an officer for the Sorority, the Foundation, National Housing Corporation and your local Alumnae Panhellenic Association. Some positions require more time than others, but all rely on one another to function as one cohesive Sigma Kappa. For descriptions of positions and to learn how to update your volunteer information, check out the Stay Connected section of the website.

However you decide to celebrate Founders’ Day this year, I hope you do it with heart.

founders' day

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