7 Pieces to Elevate your Summer Wardrobe


Every year I’m asked what my go-to pieces are for each season. They normally always revolve around staple pieces that I can wear over and over again – maybe it’s a classic tee or a shoe I could pair with any outfit. Whether you’re the person with a go-to daily uniform or you’re the fashionista of the bunch, adding key pieces to your wardrobe can easily elevate each outfit. Plus they’re fun too! Here are seven of my favorite summer items, and a few outfit inspirations for each from my fashion blog, Simply Audree Kate.

1. Off-the-Shoulder Blouse

These tops have been extremely trendy in early 2016 and will continue throughout the year. They’re perfect for date night or a casual weekend adventure!

simplyaudreekate-samkelly_dsc3754-11[Click here for the full outfit]

simplyaudreekate-samkelly_dsc3600-1[Click here for the full outfit]

2. Flowy Skirt

These are perfect for summer – they will keep you feeling fresh and flirty in the hot weather.

[Click here for the full outfit]

simplyaudreekate.samkelly__dsc0492-1 (1)
[Click here for the full outfit]

3. Colorful Purse/Clutch

A colorful bag is the perfect way to add a little flair to your outfit, plus it’s a great conversation starter!









[Click here for the full outfit]


4. Espadrilles

I am officially on the espadrilles bandwagon! They make me feel like I’m jetsetting around the world on vacation instead of sitting at my office desk this summer.

[Click here for the full outfit]

5. Choker

It’s 90’s nostalgia time, the choker is back! These little babies can add just the perfect touch to an outfit without overpowering the neckline or getting in the way.

simplyaudreekate-samkelly_ 11.00.16 PM

[Click here for the full outfit]

6. Maxi Dress

These are always my go-to piece when I don’t know what to wear, I’m not wanting to get ready or it’s a little cold in the office. Also slits have become highly popular with maxi dresses and skirts lately!

[Click here for the full outfit]


7. Distressed Denim

Another throwback – distressed denim! Opt for a light wash pair of jeans or denim jacket to spice up your summer wardrobe this year. It also adds a nice playful, retro touch.

[Click here for the full outfit]

[Click here for the full outfit]

[Click here for the full outfit]

xo Audree Kate

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