A Summer Bucket List

The idea of my own bucket list is appealing, but I can never think what I’d put on it. I’m not the kind of person to be found jumping off bridges or out of planes, and my idea of exciting travel is a road trip with a killer playlist, so there goes, “See all 7 continents.” I delight in the ordinary moments of everyday life, few of which seem bucket-list-worthy. I always look for reasons to celebrate, no matter how small, and that’s where the summer bucket list comes in.

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I noticed the idea years ago on a couple of my favorite blogs, and immediately took heart. I’ve made a summer bucket list every year since 2011, and it’s one of my favorite traditions of the year. Summer is a time I tend to get a little envious of others’ Facebook and Instagram accounts. Somewhere deep down inside I understand that no, not everyone is on vacation while I’m stuck at home, but when three¬†friends are posting from tropical locations one week, two are on the Cape the next, and all of a sudden, another is sharing her dreamy tour of Europe, it certainly seems like I’m out here, alone in the suburbs. Enter the list.

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It’s about soaking up the season, the sunshine, and embracing that, yep, I’m spending a whole heck of a lot of it in the sticky, humid swamp known as D.C. I might as well fill it with the things I always want to do, but never quite make time for. Rather than let summer be a season I look wistfully at everyone else’s adventures, I need to make a point to have some of my own, no matter how ordinary they may seem. For me, it’s not even about crossing off each thing, but rather, setting a goal to step out of my routine, and have a little more fun.

My List:

  • Visit the children’s library
  • Drink as many milkshakes as possible
  • Explore the zoo
  • Paint rainbow basement stairs (My¬†inspiration.)
  • Invite new people to Sunday dinners
  • Cook through a cookbook (Maybe this one.)
  • Read – 15 books for myself, and 50 for my kid
  • Spend time on the porch at night
  • Ride the neighborhood carousel
  • Family walk along the canal
  • Start a new summer tradition

Have you made a summer list before? What would you put on this year’s?

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  1. Great summer bucket lists! I personally maintain a huge (1000+) bucket list and then I cherrypick from that list what to do each season and so forth. So in many ways we are doing the same.

    I like that you’re not just focusing on travels, but all walks of life, great.

    Wish you a nice day, and if you would like to see my list, you could do so here: http://www.bucketlistfanatic.com

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