How to Avoid a Crazy Holiday Season

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This December looks a little different in my family. We were two, and now we’re three.

I know two things about how this year will be different:

  1. It will be absolute magic.
  2. I cannot do everything I used to do to get ready for the holidays.

I know the first item is true because of the second. And because I believe in the power of writing things down, I wrote out the things I like to do in December, with little pluses and minuses where I wanted to mark priorities and non-priorities. Here’s where I landed.

What I (probably) won’t do this year:

  • Celebrate New Year’s Eve
  • Make an Advent calendar with a cute little activity for every day
  • Get out my collection of mini Christmas trees
  • Make gift bags with multiple types of cookies for the best people in my life (this does not mean I won’t find a less time-intensive way to appreciate them)
  • Host a holiday gathering
  • Watch every single one of my favorite Christmas movies
  • Set foot in a physical store that is not Target or the grocery store to do any kind of shopping

What I know I’ll make time for:

  • Going to church on Sundays
  • Putting Christmas sheets on the beds
  • Hanging lights outside
  • Filling stockings for my husband and son
  • Sending Christmas cards
  • Cranking up the fireplace
  • Documenting the season through copious amounts of photos

Even if you’re not a crazy list-maker like me, thinking through what’s most important is something I’d encourage you to do, especially if you’re just as susceptible to being wrapped up in the crazy of the month. Think about what’s important to you. What will you make the time for, even though it feels like that time is impossible to find? And what can go? And if it can go, really, truly, just let it go.

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