Chinoiserie Chic Garden Stools



Chinese homes were (and sometimes still are) structured around a courtyard. Gardens were considered a room in the house and were not spared any essentials. So its not surprising, garden stools began as a weather worthy option for garden seating. Stools evolved due to being so versatile and incredibly functional. I moved to Hong Kong with three garden stools and returned to America with six! And only one of those was the same! (Two were broken during our move.) I quickly popped a clearance one in my cart at Target before our container arrived. I am to the point I may have one in every room. I have tended to lean more towards the Asian styled ones, but there are many more styles to choose from.

Left to right: $90 / $149 / $89 / $295 / $130

Garden stools are so popular because they are very functional. (Probably why I am the proud owner of seven of them!) I frequently buy them before I even know where I am going to put it. They can serve as a base for a table, end table, decorative display, table in a large shower stall, nightstand, or as its original purpose extra seating. I have even seen some lit from the inside and used as a nightlight – inside or outside.

Left to right: $101 / (set of 2) $227 / $160 / $129

Left to right: $129 / $405 / $259

When shopping for a garden stool, it’s best to shop around. I typically try to stay under one hundred dollars, but I have gone a little bit over once or twice! I have several that I have picked up at Target on clearance ($35) and another one I purchased in Hong Kong that had a tiny section with paint damage so it was over half off. Several of these stools I have listed can vary almost one hundred dollars between web sites! And they can be purchased everywhere! Many of these sites have free shipping. I usually gravitate towards metallic ones. I am really tempted to add the buddha below to my collection! If you are into more modern decor, there are styles for you as well.

Left to right: $113 / $399 / wayfarer $209 / $495

If I still haven’t sold you into running out and trying a garden stool here are some very non traditional options you could try instead… You can tell from all the options that there are many styles you can choose for a garden stool. Whether you’re planning on using it as an accent table or for additional seating in your living room, the possibilities are endless. Comment below if you have any ideas of how you use your garden stool of if you’ve found any unique ones online. Happy shopping!

Left to right: $259 / $495 / $192 / $199


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