Creating Consistency in an Ever-Changing Environment

As a woman who values personal growth & independence but thrives in consistency & hates change, I am self-aware enough to know that I have accepted the most equally exciting as challenging job!

In my role as a traveling leadership consultant, everything from the people I interact with to my availability to call my mom changes constantly. Every week I get to introduce myself to a chapter of Sigma Kappa and spend that time celebrating their accomplishments and encouraging them in their opportunities to grow. But before I know it, I’m saying goodbye and uprooting from a space that has been a temporary home to get resettled with a new chapter in a new city. As exciting as that is for my independent, extroverted self, I have found myself feeling unsettled at the end of a packed day. I’ve struggled to know how to turn off my Sigma Kappa brain and turn on Cassie-time without surroundings feeling familiar or my own.

During my four years at Arizona State University, I moved six times. As I’ve been thinking about how I made those temporary homes spaces where I could rejuvenate, I realize that it had less to do about my physical surroundings and more about what I did in that space – how my mornings started and days ended. As someone that craves consistency, I realized I needed to implement a routine that was transferable from chapter to chapter with me.

For as much as my Myers-Briggs reminds me that I’m 98% extroverted, my day is not the same without a cup of coffee, my journal, and quiet time at the start of it. My faith is an integral part of my life and prioritizing time for spiritual reflection is another way I invest in myself every day. I listen to my favorite genres of music for getting ready in the morning, going to the gym, and traveling on a plane. Before I go to bed, I pull up an episode of Parks & Rec to just laugh regardless of the excitement or chaos my day held.

Knowing what you need to be your best self creates stability amid the unknown of what the day will hold wherever you are. Those are just a few components of my routine that I treasure before I am ready to turn on my work brain and wind down after a full day. I’d love for you to think about the parts of your day that make you smile and provide a sense of peace. While I may be living at an extreme of day to day uncertainty, there is a benefit to creating a sense of routine if you travel monthly for work, twice a year for vacation, or are just living in a season of inconsistent schedules. I hope that cultivating consistency in your life will allow you to be your best self in your responsibilities and intentional with your personal time. I’m still working on it myself!

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