Decorating with Pumpkins


My children are so excited about Halloween this year. When we lived in Hong Kong, trick or treating had its own je ne sais quoi. I would bet a high-dollar amount our American beggars night haul includes less last minute mint tins and more Willa Wonka-esque treats. Attention neighbors, we’ve stocked up on Reese’s cups.

For those of you never having lived in a warm and humid climate, what happens to a carved pumpkin under these conditions in mere hours is not for the weak stomached. So this year, I have double-pinky-promised my children we will carve jack-o-lanterns. I have been informed they need to be the BIGGEST pumpkins! And one plans to carve hers as though its throwing up the seeds. Uh, yay?


After four years overseas we have become experts on decorating pumpkins without carving them. So far we have only used glitter and stickers, and I have purchased my teal glitter for one of my miniature pumpkins. I don’t think we may make it to paint any other pumpkins this year, but I have quite the Pinterest page of ideas saved just in case. There are so many great painting ideas; emojis, animals, Disney, and favorite foods. I may try to decoupage one of our mini pumpkins with tissue paper confetti before the week’s over.


It goes without saying that we have also over compensated in the decoration arena, as well. (Please, Target quit having coupons!) We have all pumpkins varieties and sizes represented. The fake webs, spiders, caution tape and all skeletons out of our closets. It’s so easy to grab ‘just one more’ when they are just a couple dollars. We are used to $10-20 for a meager pumpkin in Asia. I think after two large pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns, we are done. I mean have you noticed Christmas decor is out already…



…I may or may not have bought any.

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