DIY Scrabble Coasters


A few summers ago I was obsessed with DIY projects. I was reading blogs like A Beautiful Mess daily looking for inspiration for the next do-it-youself project I could add to my collection. One evening I was playing the game Scrabble with friends and realized how cute the little letters would be as coasters.

Since I couldn’t find a DIY instructional for making the Scrabble tiles with photos along the way, I decided to make one myself! Now when you search “Scrabble Coasters” on Pinterest, a majority of those images and instructional are from my personal site, Gourmet Gab. It makes me so excited thinking about how people have loved this project too. The coasters are really simple to make and are the perfect gift for a best friend, parent or family member. Think about the clever Sigma Kappa words you could craft on there as well! Dove Love, 1874, CLBY for Colby…the list goes on.

All you have to do is purchase a large package of Scrabble letters from Amazon. Before you get started, lay out the words you want to spell on each of the coasters. You’ll be happy you did so you don’t run out of letter options. Glue the letters onto cork with E600 glue, let them dry, trim the edges and then seal with clear polyurethane. Over the years people have commented on the tutorial that the polyurethane ruins the Scrabble letters. I did not experience that problem, but believe it may be a reaction of the ink or wood on the Scrabble letters with the polyurethane. Double check at your craft store when you buy the materials, or read up on Amazon, to be sure the problem doesn’t happen to you.

You can get the full instructional for DIY Scrabble Coaters on my blog. If you Instagram a picture, tag me in it: @Gourmet_Gab. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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