Finding The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I’ve been thinking a lot lately on what to get my mom. She is one of those ladies who has everything she needs. She likes a lot of things, so she’s easier to shop for, but I really want something personal. And, how do you ever properly say, “Mom, you’re simply┬áthe best ever?” Now that I’m a mom, I know anything you give your mom says that to her, but I still feel like nothing can!

My mom and me at my son’s birthday party in March

Here are a few things I’ve been kicking around as possibilities:

  • Every year, my husband gets his mom a hanging plant. She knows it. She expects it. She loves the tradition of it.
  • We have a local pottery painting place. I’ve taken my son, who is 3, once before. He loves that stuff, even if he’s done 15 minutes later! I have been thinking of having him paint something for Grandma and then delivering later in the month when we visit.
  • Photo books are also favorites for both my mom and my mother-in-law. Both of them love taking photos of the grandkids to lunches with their friends.
  • I’ve gotten jewelry for them with the grandkids names on it. I’ve even tried my hand at hammering names into washers (disclosure: this was not a crafting win for me. I was okay but not exceptional. And I’d rather pay someone else for it.). Obviously Etsy is a good starting place, but some of the bigger companies have gotten into engraving, too.
  • Personalized stationary or notepads are my favorite. I’ve gotten deals from Shutterfly for both my mom and me┬ábefore. The quality is great and I love the personal touch.
  • An embroidered tote, table runner or other item. This might be what I go with for my mom because I bought an embroidery machine and playing with it is a favorite pastime for me.
  • A hand-written thank you note for her support over the past year with specific examples of her impact on my life. Seriously. There is nothing better than knowing your kid appreciates you.

I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!

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