A First Timer’s Guide to Sigma Kappa Convention

Can you all believe we are only weeks away from convention?! EEEEEEKKKK!!! I am beyond excited to reunite with my sisters, spend time celebrating the accomplishments of our beloved sorority and renew my passion for volunteering. Ponte Vedra will be my fifth convention and I am just as thrilled about this one as I was my first.

I remember the time leading up to my first convention was full of excitement and nerves! Which clothes do I wear? What do I bring? What goes on at convention?

All of these questions and more are likely running through everyone’s mind, but especially those of you that are attending a Sigma Kappa convention for the first time. Here’s a breakdown of the highlights going into this amazing experience.

Convention Highlights

The Violet Bubble: You will be immersed into everything Sigma Kappa! The days ahead are full of learning, ritual, sisterhood and so much more. I assure you that you will gain a renewed sense of love for the Sorority and all of its meanings.

Confirmed Conventionite: The best Sigma Kappa social/sisterhood/party you will EVER attend! The costumes are on point, the food is endless and the music is loud. Plus, there are some really fun traditions surrounding this night that you won’t want to miss!

Ritual: Sigma Kappa ritual is so beautiful. It’s full of history and meaning. Standing next to sisters you’ve never met who are singing the same songs as you is a pretty cool moment. If you’re itching to see initiation up close and personal, make sure to arrive early to head off the swarms as the doors open!

Collegiate and Alumnae Achievement Banquet: By far one of the most inspiring nights of convention! Hearing about the successes of our chapters from all over the nation proves that Sigma Kappa Sorority is making waves! We are women who stand up for what we believe in, set goals, surpass them and we do it all while living with heart. Our sisterhood and the women who comprise it are phenomenal.

If you have any questions about what to bring or what the schedule is like, check out the registration book. Whether you’re a collegian or an alumna, I promise you this is a moment in your Sigma Kappa life that you will remember forever.

I am counting down the days until I jump on a plane to get ‘Fabulously Florida’ with my sisters! Get ready for that Violet Bubble!!

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