How to Help a New Mom

Once your college days are behind you, wedding summers begin. You’ll find your fridge plastered with save the dates, shower invites, and hope that you’ve RSVP-ed to everything on time. I’m in the post-college, post-wedding phase, phase. The baby phase. My fridge can’t hold another baby shower invite.

how to help a new mom

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But the showers are the easy part. The showers come with registries and lists of gifts that people need. What to do once the baby is born is another thing entirely. People arrive, armed with casseroles, which is so incredibly helpful. But there are four things you can do to make a new mother’s life even easier.


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Here are my tips:

  • Disposable, or reusable containers – This might anger the green folks out there, but this is not the time to loan out your casserole dishes.  For one, you may not see them again until the new mom’s child is five, and for another, she doesn’t have time to do dishes, nor does anyone else in her household.  Gladware is best here.
  • Think through the whole meal – What sides do you usually eat with the entree you’re bringing? Include them. Could you pack a salad or fruit? New parents are inundated with cheese-filled casseroles, and are often craving something healthy. Also, and this might be the most important point of all, dessert is not optional. Nothing makes you stress-eat like a brand new person.
  • Restrictions? – If you’re in close contact with the new parents, shoot them a text and ask if they have any dietary restrictions.  When moms are nursing, there are foods they may not be able to eat. Asking gets you far.
  • Breakfast is the most forgotten meal – It is so kind of people to drop off dinners, but it’s not like you’ll have time to cook any other meals.  One of the best meals we got after our son was born was a whole lotta breakfast.  My sister-in-law dropped off a dozen bagels, fruit, and banana bread.  We froze what we couldn’t eat quick enough, and set a new portion on the counter each evening to be ready to go in the mornings.  The idea was genius, and has since become my go-to post-baby meal for others.

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  1. YES! I loved the generosity people showed towards us but keeping track of people’s dishes was a nightmare. To this day, I have one cake stand but no clue who it belongs to get no one claims it when I ask. Lol!

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