I Joined a Sorority, Now What (what to expect)

Joining a sorority is an amazing experience but what can you expect from the upcoming days, weeks, years? The excitement of recruitment and bid day has worn off and you’re walking into your very first new member meeting. I remember being so nervous about what would come next. What if this wasn’t for me? 

My mind was running through so many questions. One of your first experiences as a sorority woman will be your new member process. Countless hours will be spent learning about your sorority and finding out what it truly means to be member of that organization. You will become the best of friends with those in your new member class and find a role model in your new member educator. You’ll realize that a sorority is so much more than what you thought it’d be. The process can sometimes feel long and you’ll wonder if the day to initiate will ever come.  

I walked into my first new member meeting feeling alone. I didn’t know who to talk to or what to do. As I looked around the room, I made eye contact with two other new members who instantly welcomed me. Before the meeting was over, the three of us had made plans to hang out that week. These two women became the friends that I didn’t know I needed. 

Somewhere along the way you will find your big sister and she will enter your life at just the right time. Big-little relationships come in all shapes and sizes. Some pairs will be inseparable best friends while others will become role models for one another. Some big sisters might be approaching graduation while others might be a semester behind you. No two big-little pairs are the same. What your relationship with your big sister is like is what you two make of it. I am so blessed to have an amazing big sister who inspired me every step of my Sigma Kappa journey to be the best version of myself. You will find your person within the sorority who will be an inspiration and role model for you. My advice is don’t go looking for her. She will find you when you need her most. 

The day for initiation finally arrives and you wonder what happens behind those doors. The beauty of it is that only initiated members know. That’s what makes ritual so special. Every sorority has their own ritual and values that set them apart from other organizations. The things you learn during initiation should be held close to your heart as you guard all the secrets of the sorority. I can’t even put into words how special initiation and ritual is to me. It is something we share together as a sisterhood, and something we hold and preserve for one another as a special part of our relationships with sisters past, present, and future. 

After initiation you are officially a member of the sorority. What you do now is up to you. You should make the most of your days as a collegiate member. Attend every single thing that you can. Get involved in whatever that looks like for you. Run for an officer position or join the intermural team. Go to socials and attend all the Panhellenic events. Support the other organizations in the Greek community. Once again, you will get as much out of the experience as you put into it. 

You’ve joined a sorority and now it’s up to you to make it the best experience. Remember, you can only google so many things before you realize you can’t find the answers online. Your experience might not be what you expected it to be and that’s okay. Find your people and enjoy the journey. It truly has the capacity to transform your life. 

LC Rebekah’s Bio: 

As a leadership consultant, Rebekah supervises activities of assigned collegiate chapters; partners with volunteers and staff to implement an execute chapter development efforts; directs, teaches, advises and consults with chapter members in the areas of recruitment and chapter operations. Rebekah is from the Kappa Tau Chapter at The University of West Georgia. Go Wolves! When she was a collegiate member she served as vice president of philanthropic service, vice president of alumnae relations, social chairman, house manager and standards council representative. She also served as a Resident Assistant for Greek Village and held various positions in the Student Government Association. One thing you may not know about Rebekah is that she is an avid Diet Coke enthusiast. 

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