If It’s in the Way

At the end of last triathlon season, I just wasn’t feeling right. I wasn’t sure if it was the grief from my dad’s death, overdoing it with a few September events when I wasn’t feeling fully ready, or something else. So I took a break from training – swimming in particular – to rest my shoulder which was hurting me the most. When I finally jumped back in the water after a nice break, let’s just say that I *still* wasn’t feeling right.

If it’s in the way…

I decided that the only way to manage this feeling I had would be by going to the doctor. Rather than get upset or bogged down by the situation, I faced it.


Turns out that I had partially torn a tendon in my shoulder. Probably torn when I was helping to clear boxes from my dad’s loft.

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. For me, in 2015, it threw me two. First my dad dying and then my shoulder injury. The pitch that life threw me caused me to change my path.

Rather than pursuing competitive triathlon in 2016, I have put my efforts into being kind to myself and rebuilding my strength. From shoulder rehab, to lots of time with my dog and husband, 2016 has turned out totally different than I dreamed of when we rang out 2015. Good different.

If it is in the way – in this case, my shoulder injury and my grief from losing my dad – it is the way. I’ve given myself space and permission to change my goals, to jump on a different path. A path that sees me back in the water, feeling stronger physically and emotionally, and ready to see what this new way has to offer.


What is in your way that offers you the chance to shift and create new directions?

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