Where to Find Inexpensive Crafts for Kids

My son is two years old. This is ripe creativity time. I’m always looking for new low cost projects for him to do. And luckily, any project I come up with is still exciting for him.


AC Moore

For Mother’s Day this year, I bought $1 birdhouses from AC Moore and he used watercolors to paint them. We made one for each grandmother. He loved painting them although truth be told, washing the brush in the water was really his favorite part. Altogether, with the birdhouses and paints the project cost less than $10.

Target Dollar Section Crafts

For Easter this year, I got two of these bunnies in the Target dollar section, costing $3 each. (Aside: that section sucks money right out of my wallet!) They were cardboard so I just let him color on these with crayons.  Thank goodness they are sturdy bunnies because they hopped all around our family room before they were gifted!

IMG_7170Five Below

I recently stopped into Five Below. I found a $3 kit for building a plane. It is a wood kit with paints. It was a little advanced for him but I thought we’d give it a go. I had to help him glue it together and then we painted it with the watercolors. He can quite be trusted with non-washable paints yet!

Sale Sections

I picked up Crayola fabric markers during a sale and used a white t-shirt we had on hand for him to color on. I wrote “I am the Artist” first so once it was finished, it would proudly proclaim his efforts. In order to prevent bleed through, I put cardboard in between for coloring. Thirty minutes in the dryer and the color was set. He was quite pleased to wear it, as you can probably see. Altogether the project cost us under $4 since the markers were on sale.


Next up is modeling clay I got on sale for $2. Again, it’s a little advanced but I’m always willing to do something that’s a stretch because I think it can help to flex that creative muscle a bit more. Let’s just hope he doesn’t try to eat it!

If you have ideas of where to find inexpensive crafts for kids, share below in the comments section!

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