It’s All About Perspective

There are life occurrences that change who we are forever. One day you are going along with the normal business of everyday life and the next thing you know, it feels like you’ve received a concussion from the rug being yanked out from under your feet. Your life is now divided. You distinguish the two parts as pre-occurrence and post-occurrence. Friends walk this path with the family. It is amazing to me how what once was deemed important is now insignificant for everyone involved. It’s all about perspective.

Major Life Changes

Jane* is a normal 16 year old.  She attends school, church, dance class, hangs out with friends, wants a date to prom, and desires to go to college in a few years. Jane’s pre-occurrence was December 18th. Every day leading up to December 18, 2016, Jane was a normal high school junior. Her life changed one day later. December 19th Jane had an MRI to rule out the cause of her small seizure from a few days before. The most extreme diagnosis Jane could have received was that she has a brain tumor.  Instead of the doctors using the MRI to clear the worst possible diagnosis, they confirmed it—Jane’s family learned their worst case scenario is now real life. This is no small tumor, but a very big, cancerous, star-shaped tumor embedded deeply in the front right lobe of her brain.

Jane would rather be choosing a young man to take to the school’s Sadie Hawkins dance in February and getting ready to help raise money for the school’s Relay for Life event in April. Instead, Jane has another brain surgery scheduled to remove as much of her tumor as possible, and then will have schedules to keep for chemo and radiation. Perspective. For all of Jane’s friends, it’s a scary reality check. Their innocence of youthful desires has been shattered by this news, and these young women are learning something far more valuable. They will be able to take these lessons from life changes with them and use it the rest of their lives.

Learning Life Lessons Early

Life lessons can be painful  to learn. The girls are learning to not wait to show love. Everyday is another chance we all have to spread love around. The girls are learning they have the ability to make a difference by working together. We can’t do everything by ourselves, but when we join with others it is easier to make a difference in the lives of those around us. The girls will come together this spring to help raise money for the school’s Relay for Life. (The school raises over $250K each year!) These young women will watch a friend struggle with surgery, chemo and radiation. They will learn to be thankful for their own health while they help Jane stay positive and feel loved. Perspective.

I hope your heart goes out to Jane while you read this. Please take the opportunity to pray for the healing of her brain, and that her journey over the next few months will be as smooth as possible with no complications. Pray for her family. I can’t imagine what it must feel like hearing the diagnosis her parents did. Pray for her friends. Most adults don’t walk this journey, and these young women want to be supportive of her friend. My wish for you for the new year is that you and your families are healthy and happy. I wish for you to feel love and spread it around, and learn to keep everything in proper perspective.



*name has been changed

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