Tips and Tips of the Job Hunt

Where to begin…searching for a new job can be overwhelming and exhausting! As my time as a leadership consultant draws to a close, I have to focus on finding my next career opportunity, and I am excited to share some of the steps I have used to help me prepare today!

Step One: First, I considered what I love most about my current position and other past positions that I have been in. When considering this, likely, the parts of your job that you love are responsibilities you will want to look for in your next job while the areas you don’t enjoy as much, you may want to avoid! Next, I thought about the detailsWhere do I want this next job to be? Are you searching for a job in the same area in which you currently live, or are you looking to start somewhere new? For me, I was able to identify that I am interested primarily in two cities, but open to other cities if the right job is there. This helped me narrow down my search to not feel overwhelmed by all of the many possibilities in a variety of locations. Next, I considered what industry I want to work in, as well as what type of company I want to work for! This all plays back into the initial question… what do you love most about your current job… is it the location? The industry? The people? The culture? The work?

Step Two: Once you have narrowed down the key details, I’ve found it’s all about the organization to get to the next steps of the job search. So, I wanted to ensure my resources were up to date and ready to be shared with my network. This meant spending a day at Starbucks to update my resume. Once I had made the necessary updates, I sent it off to several people who I knew would give me honest feedback for improvement. In the meantime, my next step was to update my LinkedIn profile.  Making sure I had strong descriptions of my various experiences that complemented my resume was important to me. So, insert another trip to Starbucks, and a few hours later, I had an updated profile!

Step Three: In the midst of all of my resume and LinkedIn updating, I was also beginning to search for open positions. I knew that I needed to find a way to track the job opportunities quickly or I was going to lose track of the ones I was interested in! I decided that creating a job tracking spreadsheet was the way to go. Since I am searching in a variety of industries, I’ve separated my spreadsheet by industry, including company information, application links, contacts, and a timeline. For me, this has been a great tool to keep all of the information in one place!

Step Four: Now that I had my organization system ready to go, I knew it was time to begin the application process!  Writing cover letters and submitting applications are important, but I am also spending time researching what connections I have at the company to reach out for support. Setting up informational interviews, letting those in my network know that I am actively searching for a new position, and staying on top of my communication is setting me up for success!

As I continue in my job search over the next few months, I am excited to see how the foundation I have laid supports me and I hope these steps are helpful to you if you find yourself on the job hunt in the near future. I know the hard work will pay off eventually, and before I know it, it will be time to begin my next adventure

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