Keeping the Heart of Sigma Kappa Beating

When I was an undergraduate member, I didn’t really know what the Sigma Kappa Foundation did—heck, I didn’t even know what foundations did. But as I have come to learn in the years since graduation, and through working at a foundation myself, foundations in general and the Sigma Kappa Foundation specifically provide crucial support for the individuals and organizations they care for. The Sigma Kappa Foundation plays a critical role in supporting the growth and success of Sigma Kappa and its members, sisters like you and me.

Giving back to Sigma Kappa hasn’t always been easy for me. I didn’t join the 1874 Giving Circle as a collegian (a choice I still regret—I absolutely could have afforded that $18.74 gift!), and it took me a couple years before I made my first gift to the Foundation as an alumna. But that first time I made an honor gift and got my receipt letter in the mail, I felt so special knowing I was giving back to the organization that gave me so much at Ball State.

Today, I give back through more than just monetary donations. I was an advisor for two years, I have attended local alumnae chapter events, and I volunteer on the national communications team. I get to be connected to all aspects of Sigma Kappa, and when I see the great things our members are doing on social media, I feel just a little bit of pride knowing that some of my support may have helped them get where they are.pulselogo

I never take it for granted that I can give back just a little bit to Sigma Kappa. One of those ways is through the PULSE Fund. You can read all about it here on the Sigma Kappa website. I love giving to the PULSE fund because it truly is the heart of Sigma Kappa. PULSE supports all Sigma Kappas, as well as organizations we all hold so dear like the Alzheimer’s Association and the Maine Seacoast Mission.

I’m also thrilled for what’s next for the organization. Sigma Kappa helped me get to where I am today, and now I want to help Sigma Kappa get where it’s going. That’s why today, on #GivingTuesday, I’m making my commitment to the Shared Hearts, New Heights capital campaign for Sigma Kappa. Our sisterhood is strong, and I want to help make it stronger. How about you?

Visit to keep the heart of Sigma Kappa beating.

(And the best part about supporting the Sigma Kappa Foundation today? You don’t have to sell any lollipops!)

Gamma Etas at our fall philanthropy event on November 20, 2008. (The lollipops were just out of frame.)

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