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Do you have a life council? I heard about them for the first time on The Sorta Awesome Show in the episode about the ten friends every woman needs. The episode is totally worth a listen, but if you want the bottom line, a life council is made up of different types of friends, on whom you can call when you need something. There are different friends depending on what that something is. One friend cannot check all the boxes, and be all things to you. I found myself nodding in agreement with so much of what Megan and Laura suggested. My hands-down favorite idea was that you get a friend who knows what’s in your freezer. Literally. Someone who knows so much about the minutiae of your days that they’re a sounding board for whatever little items you need to talk through.

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As I mulled over this real life life-council idea, I realized that over the years, I’ve amassed quite the Internet life council. I know none of these three people in person, but I’ve followed their work long enough that I now look to them for wisdom. Here are the 5 members of my internet life council.

The Sage

It’s only right that we start with a fellow Sigma Kappa, and so ladies, I give you Glennon. I’m sure you know her already, but man, is she killing it lately. I’m sipping her latest book slowly, because it’s full of pain and deep feelings. That doesn’t sound like a good sell in terms of getting you hooked on her if you’re not already, but oh, you should read it. Glennon has a way of picking out the most beautiful, simple truths of life that I can’t quite grasp on my own. Her guest spot on Marie TV is stunning (watch the whole thing so you don’t miss the part about sistering), and her visit to Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday is worth a watch as well.

The One Who Can Tell You What to Eat for Dinner

Jenny Rosenstrach just released a new cookbook, and it’s amazing. So were her first two, but this particular volume sings to me in all the right ways. It’s called How to Celebrate Everything and it’s about the rituals, both big and small, that families create (and for her, they almost all revolve around eating). Jenny’s blog is an ode to gathering around the table, and she gives you concrete ways to make family dinner happen, no matter what your family looks like, or how much time you do or don’t have.

The One with the Life Hacks

I’m one of those people who cannot switch to iCal. I live off of my paper planner, and I’ve spent ages finding the one that’s just right for me. The guru behind my paper planner is Whitney English. And while I love her planners, what I love even more is how real she is. Whitney is honest about her life, her strengths, and her shortcomings. And she’s got planning figured out. She doesn’t need you to adopt her system, but she will give you the tools you need to find yours. I watched her whole series on planning, and grabbed a couple of great life hacks that I’m using as a result. (Yes, I talked about her in my last post. Yes, she’s that great.)

The Optimist

These days, I’m turning to two people for pick-me-ups. Elise Blaha Cripe, who just finished a series of 100 pep talks on Instagram. As she ran the series, I’d grab little bits of encouragement, and, more importantly, perspective. When I was in the thick of newborn life and she posted her, “This is just a season,” pep talk? That was a right place at the right time moment for me. So many of her talks gave me insight into situations in my own life, even though she wrote them based on her own circumstances. And I’ll let one man sneak onto the list, Lin Manuel Miranda (this should surprise no one), for his ever-hopeful tweets when he wakes up, and when he goes to bed. If you’re on Twitter, and looking for some encouragement, give him a follow. Just the other day he told us not to get lost in the comments section of life.  Who doesn’t need more happy in their online feeds?


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