The Road Less Traveled… Twice (Part One)

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Sometimes we look at the road that our lives take, and we are not even sure where it started, or when we chose our path we now look back on with wonder. However, we know where we are.

At a fork in that road…

We have faced it before, and hopefully we will have the opportunity to face it again. The first time we took the path less traveled it seemed poetic, like an adventure, but since then we loaded our pack with items for the trip:

  • An education
  • A job history
  • Responsibilities
  • Skillsets
  • An ego

And we wonder, can this pack take me down the road less traveled again, or is it too heavy?

Sometimes by choice and sometimes by fate our path is no longer straight, and the decisions we make will require either repacking or maybe just a lighter load. Our jobs end, our marriages end, our health ends, or we just see an opportunity for change. We cling to the safety of the path we found years ago, and redefining ourselves seems impossible.

However, here we are in the middle of a road that only goes forward, and so must we.

The thing that people tend to focus on is the pack they are carrying in these situations, but the honest truth is that we have not only accumulated things and skills… We have also accumulated people, connections, friendships, mentors, and networks.

These are what transcend choices and give a steady hand to our shaky journeys. I encourage everyone to not only inventory the things in their packs when a new path presents itself, but the richness of those that surround you no matter which direction you choose.

When life changes, look for the constants, because they will always exist. With an ever changing world, none of us will statistically live the life of our parents: working for one company, living in one city, and doing one job for the entirety of our lives.

What are the constants in your life?

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Networking Groups
  • Mentors

Choose each one and create a chart of the opportunities each of these connections can provide for you. Do not isolate yourself in these decisions. Surround yourself with your constants while you choose your path, because once before the road less taken looked scary, and you had a different pack.
If you can do it once, nothing you are carrying should hold you back from taking that journey again.

Let your constants help you repack or unpack, and one day you will look back in wonder, unsure of how you made it this far, but with the courage to face life and any changes that will come your way.

You will never have a pack too heavy for the journey ahead, if you define your path with who surrounds you and not what you carry on the journey.

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