Making History at the University of Alabama

Whoever said everything is bigger in Texas must have never visited the University of Alabama!  Many have heard Sigma Kappa recently stepped foot back onto Alabama’s campus to re-establish our Alpha Omega Chapter, but most do not know all this project has entailed.  Two years ago, the decision was made and Sigma Kappa was officially going to re-establish on campus, becoming the 18th Panhellenic sorority at the university.  Since then, countless volunteers and staff members have traveled to and from Tuscaloosa to provide many different types of support and advice.  Even collegians gave up their time to help the Alpha Omega Chapter in their first, unofficial primary recruitment.  In one day, 25 collegians from seven chapters across the country came together and learned an entire round of recruitment, including a door stack!

By the way- if you’ve never experienced an Alabama door stack, go look one up right now.  It’s incredible!  You might as well look up the houses, pomping boards, and basically everything Alabama does because it will all blow your mind!

After round one of recruitment, we withdrew and became the hangout space for the PNMs, which is necessary because you can only imagine how hot it is in the middle of August in Alabama. Once bid day concluded, that’s when our recruitment really began!  We set up shop daily in different areas around campus, giving out popsicles, cookies, donuts and basically every other sweet you can imagine.

After two months of tabling, presenting, going on coffee dates, and recruiting, 923 Magnolia Drive opened its doors to more than 250 amazing new members.  These women come from all over: New Jersey, Florida, California, even England!  Some of our women are nursing majors, social workers, and engineers.  They serve on SGA, Freshman Forum, and Avanti–all elite organizations at the University of Alabama.  It is safe to say, our members are well-rounded individuals!

These members did not even hesitate before jumping into sorority life, either.  Two weeks after they accepted their bids, we began preparing for homecoming.  Quickly, it was all hands on deck. Between the pomping (seriously, go look this up if you didn’t already), bowling, cheering, and dodge-balling, everyone was able to find their place and their worth in Sigma Kappa.

Now, in just a few short weeks, the chapter members will even be electing their first executive council.  Who will be the next president?  We’re not sure, but it is evident that this chapter is ready to succeed for many years to come.  These women are successful and will persevere through any challenge.  If you ever get the chance to drive through Tuscaloosa, Alabama, make sure to take a trip past 923 Magnolia Drive.  I recommend it.  The house may or may not look like something special, depending on what you compare it to, but no matter what, I can promise you there is something special on the inside of that house.  There are 250+ women living with heart every single day and, trust me, it is something special worth seeing.  Roll Tide!

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