Making the Most of Your Experience in Sigma Kappa

Being in a sorority is such an empowering and unique experience, especially when you’re intentional and striving to make the most out of your membership. Whether you’re a new member to Sigma Kappa, about to graduate from a university, or well in your alumnae years, there are always opportunities provided to help make the most of your Sigma Kappa experience.  

(Members of Alpha Epsilon heading into their 2018 graduation and celebrating their memorable Sigma Kappa experience) 

I am approaching my two-year anniversary of becoming an alumna and I can’t help but think back to all the amazing opportunities and experiences being a collegiate Sigma Kappa member offered. While reminiscing on my experience, I wanted to share tips that will guarantee a memorable and empowering collegiate experience.  

Attend Events 

Whether it’s formal chapter meetings, sisterhood events, socials, or service events…GO! Sigma Kappa offers great opportunities to build friendships and to make a difference in your community and in your chapter. All you need to do is choose to say yes to those opportunities. Really invest in the success and future of you chapter, we’re a part of this organization for a reason so truly invest in it and your sisters.  

Find A Good Role Model…Be A Good Role Model! 

One of the best decisions I unintentionally made was finding the best person to serve as my Sigma Kappa role model. Going through recruitment my freshman year, I found someone in Sigma Kappa who would later become my best friend and greatest role model. She was a senior who truly embodied what it meant to be a Sigma Kappa woman. She led by example and I couldn’t help but look up to her. Seeing her dedication and involvement in the chapter really shaped my entire experience. She encouraged me to attend as many events as I could, run for positions and live out our values. No matter who this role model may be for you, whether it’s the individual who led you to Sigma Kappa, your “big,” or someone in your member class, it’s important to find that person in your chapter who pushes you to be a better person each and every day – through her words and her actions. In return, you will hopefully serve as an incredible role model for someone else and inspire them to be the best Sigma Kappa they can be.  

(Pictured left to right: My biggest role model, Maddie Braun and myself on her wedding day this past September) 

Find Opportunities to Grow 

Being a Sigma Kappa brings a lot of opportunities for stepping outside of your comfort zone. Whether that be running for an officer position, participating in a Homecoming or Greek Week song or dance, or making a new friend – go for it! With personal growth being one of Sigma Kappa’s four values, we should always be pushing ourselves and our sisters to continuously grow. 

Make Friendships That Will Last A Lifetime 

Sigma Kappa gives you so many great friendships. You are constantly surrounded by sisters, some you will find yourself closer to than others. But no matter your chapter size, really do all you can to get to know as many of your sisters as possible. Go on those late night food runs, have movie nights in your chapter house, attend sisterhood events. Ask a sister who you don’t normally hang out with to go celebrate your sisterhood together. Always be kind to your sisters, you have a lot in common within Sigma Kappa including similar values.  

(Alpha Epsilon celebrating sisterhood and friendships made during a sisterhood photoshoot) 

Build Relationships With Chapter Advisors, National Volunteers, & Staff Members 

One of the coolest parts about being a Sigma Kappa during your undergraduate years is that you have a whole team of chapter advisors, national volunteers, and staff members who love you and want to invest in your experience and your future. Take the time to get to know the advisors that support your chapter, the volunteers that serve in your district, and the staff members that support your chapter. Learn about their Sigma Kappa experience and their life experiences. They’re here to help and support you!    

Soak It All In 

Finally, enjoy every last minute of your Sigma Kappa experience. It goes by fast and there’s no other experience quite like it.  

Thank goodness your Sigma Kappa experience isn’t just for those four years, but it truly is for life. There are so many ways to get involved as an alumna to heighten your experience in Sigma Kappa.  

No matter what city you live in, you will be able to find sisters all around the globe! There are a handful of ways to remain involved in Sigma Kappa as an alumna, many can be found on the Stay Connected page of the Sigma Kappa website (linked below). Being in an alumnae chapter is an amazing way to connect with sisters, give back to your community, and continue growing your leadership experience. If you’re interested in joining an alumnae chapter, you can visit the chapter map (linked below) to find an alumnae chapter near you! Consider supporting a chapter through an advising role! And of course, look into having a reunion with your sisters at a national convention. 

(The 2018-2019 Leadership Consultant team at the 2018 National Convention) 

There is always time to start making the most of your Sigma Kappa experience, and believe me – it’s worth every bit of it! 


Chapter Map: 

Stay Connected: 

As a senior leadership consultant, Kim supervises activities of assigned collegiate chapters; partners with volunteers and staff to implement an execute chapter development efforts; directs, teaches, advises and consults with chapter members in the areas of recruitment and chapter operations. Kim is from the Alpha Epsilon Chapter at Iowa State University. Go Clones! When she was a collegiate member she served as ritual chairman, assistant to the vice president of finance, standards council representative, and held various co-chair positions. She served as a Cyclone Aide Orientation Leader and played on the Women’s Club Soccer Team while at university. One thing you may not know about Kim is that she has traveled out of the country ten times in the last four years. 

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