Motherhood is Sisterhood 

Sisterhood is one of the greatest gifts I was given when I joined Sigma Kappa. I think we can all agree that our time in the Sorority has provided us with many friendships throughout the years. From bonding with your new member class to meeting an alumna in a new city after a big move, we all rely on friendship and sisterhood to transition us from one milestone in our lives to the next.

Motherhood is no different. There’s no doubt that becoming a mom is a life-changing event. The center of your world shifts, your priorities change, a new routine is established and for the good or the bad, your circle of friends evolves, too. Suddenly your idea of a girls’ night out turns into happy hour so you can still make it home for bedtime. Your girlfriends might also take notice of your newfound curfew and skip inviting you out on the town all together. It’s a hard transition, and it can be even harder trying to find someone else who understands that while you adore your friends, your sweet baby comes first. This is when new mommas go in search for their mom tribe.

One of the biggest struggles for me has been finding a group of “mom friends.” No, I’m not out here trying to ditch my friends who aren’t mommas yet, but right now I need some women in my life who are in the trenches with me. Women who know what it’s like to get up 500 times a night to replace a pacifier or who struggle to remember if they actually brushed their teeth this morning. Sure my friends can understand that I’m tired from lack of sleep while dealing with the baby’s first double ear infection, but they can’t fully empathize with me. This doesn’t weaken our friendships, but it has left me yearning for a special kind of connection that only a fellow mom can bring to the table.

Very quickly I realized that motherhood is a sisterhood. We depend on, seek advice from, and lean on one another for support. Mothers are sisters-in-arms who talk about baby poop to an extent that one could never imagine and share hopes and dreams for their little ones. Whether we started as sorority sisters or met at baby swim lessons, we have bonded and found common ground. Much like a sorority, we seek out others who are going through the same life events as us, who have commonalities, and who you can turn to when the going gets tough. At the end of the day, we need camaraderie, and that’s where we build our sisterhood of mommas.

But how do we find these awesome ladies? As I mentioned, I had a hard time finding my mom tribe. I can have introverted tendencies, so I really had to challenge myself to get out there. So, I joined a moms’ fitness group! What better way to bond than sweat? The group meets daily, plans activities for the kiddos, and most importantly, moms night out events! I am having so much fun getting back into shape while meeting other women who have to do squats and give a baby a bottle simultaneously. I also stepped into a fun role as a contributor for my local moms blog. The women I write with are hilarious, honest and loving. They are some of the most encouraging women I have come across in my journey as a mother. They support me and together we all push each other to write about things that matter to our mom community.

My mom tribe will forever be in flex because as time goes on, all of our needs and priorities will change. Some of us will move on as our children grow and develop their own hobbies, but it’s safe to say we will always have each other to lean on when things get tough. As the days of motherhood progress, I will look for other ways to meet new friends.

If you’re looking for ways to grow your mom tribe, here are some groups or activities that are pretty sure to land you some awesome ladies in your life:

  • Alumnae groups – check the chapter map on the Sigma Kappa website
  • Fitness groups/gym memberships
  • Activities for your little ones like music classes, swim lessons, dance, tee ball… the list is endless
  • Local mom groups or mom blogs
  • Church groups – many have a women’s or mother’s group

I have learned that the extent of sisterhood spans so much further beyond that of our own sorority. Sigma Kappa provided me with a great foundation of sisterhood and values on which I have expanded to include the new chapters in my life. As I continue down this long and beautiful journey in motherhood, it’s a relief to know I will always have sisters to walk with me.

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