A Letter To You My Sister

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Dear Sister,

As we reach the final months of 2017, it’s a time to be thankful and a time to reflect. Whether you are a super busy collegian or a thriving professional or the most amazing mom, this letter is for you! Over time, I have to come to realize the importance and value of gratitude. It permeates through every post and within my daily life. I remember as a collegian that this is the time of year when everything seemed to be non-stop. Events, studying, exams, meetings all happening at a rate that some days I couldn’t keep up with. As I transitioned to life as an adult post-college, October became a month that I was rushing to complete projects and get as much done before the end of the year, on top of planning for all the upcoming holidays. So I write to you today as I listen to my Michael Buble Christmas CD and I offer you words that have helped me.

Time is flying. Moments are passing you by. You may have a lot happening in your life, but it’s a time to be optimistic and look around at all the amazing things you have in your life. Today is your day; make it terrific! Go out of your way to make today great. Everything WILL work out and you WILL be okay. Life is going to test you. It does that from time to time and you have to maintain your motivation and make the best of every situation. Remember this moment. Remember the way you feel. Be grateful for the amazing people you have around you. Be grateful if you are well and able. Go out there and live your life. Be all that you can be and so much more and don’t forget to smile.

It’s often times hard to take a step back from reality and just soak it all in. Savor every ounce of the fruits of your labor, for you are enough! Some days can suck, but they don’t always have to. Make the choice to be happy and to find the good in the day. There is much in this world we cannot control, but one of my favorite quotes from Epictetus reads: “The essence of philosophy is that we should live so that our happiness depends on as little as possible on external causes.” I like to think that will all of the different factors that play a role in my life, I can choose happiness and for that, I am simply thankful.

I think about how much this sisterhood has impacted my daily habits. Personal growth is an everlasting value that proves its strength in how we can never truly reach a finite point of becoming a better version of ourselves, that we can never reach a max capacity on our ability to learn and appreciate the things around us that challenge us. For me, 2017 has been a challenging year in many aspects, but there are so many lessons that I have learned and many moments of positivity. A great exercise that I find helpful is daily journaling or writing a letter to yourself that you can┬áread months later, or even the following year. You’d be surprised how much changes in that time, and it’s a great reflection tool to measure how much you’ve overcome or the things you have learned.

So if you find yourself in a tough spot or just having a rough day, know that a sister is thinking of you and cares.

Enjoy this time of year as a time to reflect on everything and to embrace the new chapters yet to come.

Love to You My Sister.




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