Never Stop Learning

I’m a big believer in learning new things. A few years ago, after a bad break up, I needed to find some things to fill my time and help me learn a new skill. I took a number of classes through a local learning tree. Although I primarily took crafting classes like knitting, stained glass and glassblowing, I also took a yoga and Zumba class.

Now that I have kids, I don’t have as much freedom to sign up for classes. So I’ve been using the internet to teach myself hand lettering lately. I Google “hand lettering” and a letter to see examples of how to do it and then practice, practice, practice. I also got a copy of Hand Lettering 101 by Sarah, the blogger at Chalk Full of Love. I found it offers a lot of practice coaching, which has been helpful. She’s also got a beautiful Instagram feed. Speaking of Instagram, I follow a lot of hand letterers over there for inspiration. There are often monthly lettering challenges too, which are great because the challenges are good for pushing me outside my comfort zone. I am definitely still learning and have a lot of little tweaks I’d like to make on my lettering.

I love trying my hand at new things. I’ve never taken pottery classes and keep toying with the idea of hitting up a local studio to try using a wheel. Learning new skills is one of the ways I find balance with the demands of mom life. What do you do to find balance and continue to live our value of personal growth?

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