A New Bid Day

I remember running to the Sigma Kappa house on bid day like it was yesterday. I can still feel the late summer air in my hair and the excitement throughout my body as I clutched that bid card from the place I wanted to call home.

A New Bid Day
Gamma Kappa Bid Day 2007

It was my freshman year of college. I recently broke up with my high school boyfriend and felt all alone on a campus where the only other people I happened to know were former schoolmates and Sigma Kappa sisters. Because of their encouragement and support, I found new meaning to my college years, made lifelong friends and gained experiences that changed the way I look at the world. Because of Sigma Kappa, I continue to form strong friendships with the women I meet in my journey as an alumna and volunteer for the organization. And those experiences keep popping up and rocking my world when I least expect it.

Bid day changed everything.

About a year ago, I was chosen to write for a local moms blog where I met different women from all backgrounds, experiences and beliefs. One of those women just happened to be a Sigma Kappa. Andrea hadn’t come across anyone else from our sorority since graduation and she was interested in my involvement. I love bringing women back into the organization. It makes my heart so happy to welcome a sister home. Hearing her college stories and sharing similar experiences helped us form a bond that only sisters can. Little did I know, Andrea would help me down a journey I had been traveling for a long time.

I have been on a spiritual journey for a solid ten years now. I’ve tried to figure out what it is that I believe and what that looks like played out in my life. It wasn’t until this past year, after several traumatic life events that my heart and soul began to call me to the Catholic church. My grandparents were Catholic and having spent much of my childhood with them, I was familiar with the values and beliefs of the church. I actually considered converting when I was in my junior year of college, but the timing didn’t work out. My husband is also Catholic, so the pieces began to fall into place and I approached with an openness to whatever was calling me.

We share a bond of sisterhood in more than one realm.

A New Bid Day
My new sister, Andrea Boring, Theta Upsilon

With a big decision in front of me, I called on someone I knew would be a good sounding board: my newfound sister, Andrea. We met for coffee and talked about life, kids, more sorority stories and I left feeling so peaceful. She was nonjudgemental about anything that came up and treated me like we had been friends forever. A month later, I asked her to be my sponsor as I entered into the year-long process of converting to Catholicism.

As I approach the season of Lent and Easter, I’m looking forward to a multitude of things. The excitement and nerves I have in my final weeks of preparation for my Baptism, Communion¬†and Confirmation are overwhelming at times. When Easter arrives, I will get to have another kind of bid day of my own. I’ll be running to a new home with great potential for experiences, life purpose and friendship. One of the best parts is sharing this moment with a sister and forming a bond that we will cherish forever.

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