New Year’s Resolutions for Recent Graduates

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2018 is officially here. A new year, a clean slate, a fresh start. It’s a chance to almost start over and make big changes in your life (or at least prompt you to make the changes you’ve been wanting to for a while). If you’ve just recently graduated or graduation is right around the corner, I bet you’re pondering the changes that have and are still happening around you.

Graduating. Finding a job. Moving away from your friends. Figuring out how to not stress order pizza at 3 a.m.

These are big life changes.

But, how are you going to make those changes in your life? How are you going to really make the most out of this fresh start?

By making resolutions and setting goals for the new year.

I know you’re probably thinking how you’ve never really stuck to a resolution before or if you’ve made them they haven’t actually been attainable. I know, I’ve been there (I think I’ve set the goal to workout more and eat better every year since I could and it never pans out how I want).

So, what goals or resolutions do we need to be setting for ourselves?

Attainable ones. Resolutions and goals you know you can stick to because they don’t take hours out of your day or weeks to even see progress. Ones that take mere minutes to incorporate into our daily lives.

Here are just a few attainable resolutions and goals for you to set as you approach your next chapter (and big life changes) in 2018.

Be more present

It’s so easy to be hanging out with someone and not actually absorb what they are saying. Take time to not be on your phone and enjoy the company of others. Have a whole conversation, listen and learn.

Say ‘goodbye’ to unnecessary things

You know when you walk into Target or Home Goods and you immediately find ten things you don’t actually need but want? Make an effort this year to utter the words “no” and eliminate unnecessary things from your life. No more coffee mugs when you have 20 you don’t use. No more planners when you don’t actually use them.

The “no” and “goodbye” statements shouldn’t stop when you leave the store though. Take a look at the things in your home or apartment. How much of it is actually necessary to your daily life? How much of it is stuff you’ve been holding onto for years? Get rid of it. Give it away to organizations like Big Brother Big Sister Foundation or a local shelter. Think really deep on if you need the items and if someone else might be able to benefit from them.

Seek balance in your life

Whether you’re attending classes or working a full-time job, make an effort this year to seek balance between all of your responsibilities (including self-care). Plan out your weeks to allow time for you and if you know you’re going to have a busier week than usual schedule in extra breaks.

Try new things

This is my favorite thing to do. Try new food, visit new places, take a different route to your destination and change up your routine. By trying new things you can’t fall into stagnation or get too comfortable. Push yourself to go outside your comfort zone once or twice a week at first. Try a new restaurant or that yoga class you’ve been saying you’d try for the past year. Whatever it is, do something different.

New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be “new year, new me” or goals that you can’t do without completely turning your life in a new direction. They can be simple. They can be small. But, they must be attainable in order to work.

Happy resolution setting!

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