OMG I’m an LC!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Kim Ferguson and I am a first-year leadership consultant. I was born and raised in small-town Iowa and attended Iowa State University. I was so very fortunate to find my home in Sigma Kappa through primary recruitment entering my first year of college. After a wonderful four years of friendship, amazing opportunities, and personal growth I now find myself serving as a Sigma Kappa leadership consultant, which to me is the best job in the world!

I am so beyond grateful for this opportunity and because of that I wanted to share my journey of becoming an LC! I stumbled across the application on the Sigma Kappa website four days before it was due, and I knew I had to apply. I was so excited to be able to share my love for Sigma Kappa, leadership, and service with chapter members all over the country. During the interview process, I became more and more excited for this journey and confident that this is what I should be doing! I really don’t think I could have found a job better fit for where I am in my life today. Fast forward to the present and I still 100% believe that accidentally finding the leadership consultant application was meant to be. This position offers everything I could ever want in a job, it allows me to use all of the skills I learned through my involvement in Sigma Kappa and at Iowa State, and it gives me the perfect opportunity to continue living out our values every day while supporting and empowering others!

Personal growth is one of my favorite Sigma Kappa values. I experienced so much positive growth as a collegian and one thing I love about the leadership consultant program is the goal to help us consultants develop personally and professionally. So aside from helping and empowering our collegiate chapter members throughout the next year, I have a few goals for my own personal growth and development that I’d like to share with you!


I want to learn to be comfortable relying on others for the small things.

All of my life I’ve been extremely independent and thrived on doing everything on my own and even helping and offering to do things for others. The simplest example I can think of for this is having a car. There’s just something about having your own car to run errands and go places if needed, and I’ve never not had that luxury before until now. I know I am going to feel uncomfortable having to ask various collegiate members for a ride to the store, airport, etc without feeling like a burden. Through this, I really hope to learn that it’s okay to rely on others for your own needs, whatever they are!

I want to learn to be comfortable and confident being alone.

I fall pretty high on the extrovert scale and I absolutely dread alone time. I have a hard time even driving by myself in a car for 45 minutes without getting bored or craving to talk to someone. I know how important alone time is for someone to recharge and relax after a long day, but I’ve just never been someone to take advantage of that. I really want to learn to be comfortable taking advantage of some of the alone time I find and be confident being alone!

I want to learn to maintain close long-term friendships & relationships.

Just having graduated from college and starting work as a consultant, I am pretty far away from my friends and family. I know that I am also a person who focuses on my surroundings and what’s in front of me. I often get really caught up in the friendships and relationships that I spend the most time with, so this year I want to make it a huge point to check in more with my friends and family that aren’t with me every day!

I want to learn to have a better sense of urgency.

Although I am extremely high achieving, my personality is very laid back and easy going and I never stress too much about deadlines. I always reach deadlines, but usually, it’s the exact deadline or maybe a day early. I really want to work on having a better sense of urgency on things and simply begin working on tasks as soon as I am assigned them instead of waiting. My hope is that by the end of this year I can no longer say I lack a sense of urgency and that I am always one to turn things in fairly early.

I want to learn to be less of a picky eater.

My current diet is the diet of a 12 year old. I love unhealthy food –  my main food groups are chicken strips, french fries, chips and dips, grilled cheese sandwiches, and macaroni. And yes, I know those aren’t real food groups but I am so unknowledgeable about good food! I often find myself refusing to try new and healthy things. Over the next year I know I won’t always get to pick what I eat and I know it won’t always be chicken strips for every meal, so it is my goal to eat every meal given to me! And for those of you who know me are probably gasping of disbelief right now, but I’m going to do it!


Thank you so much for letting me be vulnerable with y’all for a second. I’ll be checking back in with another OMG I’m an LC part two at the end of my leadership consultant journey to let you all know if I accomplished my goals!

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