Friendship Found in a Book

Author Melanie Shankle
Visiting my very first chapter as a consultant, Theta Tau, Kansas State University.
Visiting my very first chapter as a consultant in fall 2008, Theta Tau, Kansas State University.

When I traveled as a Leadership Consultant for Sigma Kappa, I fell in love with reading. I had read books on and off growing up, but I didn’t consider myself a “reader,” and it had never truly turned into something I loved.

I suppose it was the long hours flying across the country and the constant change in the places and people I was spending time with that made me learn to deeply appreciate the friends I found in my books.

It sounds a little silly to me now, but with as much as I was traveling, my books were one of the most constant things in my life. No matter where I was in the country, I could always open up my book and find a familiar place. Ever since, I have loved how books open up a new world with new people and new experiences to me just by turning a page.

I am drawn to the moment when a character or an author starts to feel like a new friend, and I always find I have richer conversations with people when I’ve spent time reading. It opens up new thoughts and ideas, gives me new words and phrases to use, and it’s always fun to share book recommendations with friends.

Last August, I was introduced to an author I have grown to love, and I can’t imagine a better series of books to recommend to my Sigma Kappa sisters!

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