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sorority stereotypesFor the fifth consecutive year, Delta Gamma led #IAmASororityWoman, a campaign to breakdown the stereotypes of sorority women.

As a young Sigma Kappa alumnae, I am quite familiar with the campaign, given it was created during my first year as a Sigma Kappa collegian. All 15 sororities on the University of Maryland campus participated through sharing photos on Instagram, tweets and Facebook posts, and attended events held by the Beta Sigma Chapter.

Now working for Sigma Kappa National Headquarters, I was excited to share the campaign with all of our members, both alumnae and collegians. In a Facebook post, I asked our followers to share a stereotype of sorority women that they know is simply untrue. Here’s what they said:

  • “We only recruit women ‘like ourselves.’ So there is no diversity in race, religion, appearance, socioeconomics or interest.”
  • “My daughter is going through recruitment right now at South Carolina. The women are smart!! High college GPAs. One house had 100 girls with 4.0s.”
  • “That sorority girls are all dumb blondes who come to college to find a husband.”
  • “All sorority girls care about is how they look and finding a boyfriend in a fraternity.”
  • “That sorority women are stuck up and don’t associate with anyone else.”
  • That sororities add no value to the university experience.”
  • “We only come to college to get our M.R.S. degree.”
  • “Advisors teach actives how to drink…no!”
  • “That we haze and are superficial.”
  • “That all sorority girls are rich society types.”
  • “That we’re buying friends.”
  • “Sorority girls are party girls.”
  • “That all of our friends are fake.”

There are many more stereotypes against sorority women, and any of them are disheartening to hear, because as our members know, they are just not true. I hope that we will be able to change the conversation and misconceptions about sororities as we continue through the years, but look forward to participating in DG’s #IAmASororityWoman campaign again next year.

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