Valued = Committed

Congratulations, newly elected officers!

Congratulations to all the newly elected collegiate officers across the nation! Whether it was a role you had been working toward for a long while or one that someone nominated you for that you would have never considered, you are now in a position to impact and empower your sisters through the decisions you make within the chapter.

While having a titled position can be exciting and thrilling, it comes with much responsibility. I often looked at my officer roles as mini-internships or part-time jobs, because the skills I was gaining from those experiences were incredibly useful, and my time in those roles taught me so much. As you embark on this new journey, it’s important to remember that “leadership is action, not position” (Donald H. McGannon). You can have a title, but it’s what you do in your role that really makes the impact.

The Impact of Your Officer Role

While I could provide you a top five list of words of wisdom and advice for being an officer in your chapter, I wanted to touch on something that I don’t think is talked about that often: feeling valued.

What do I mean by this? I’m talking about members of the chapter feeling valued. When you have a role with responsibilities, whether that be president, t-shirt chair or a committee chair, it can be a bit easier to see how you contribute to the chapter. However, when you’re not a role with a clear description of what needs to be done, it can sometimes be hard to see your worth in the chapter. You might feel like no one will care if you don’t show up to something, or your voice/opinion doesn’t matter because the officers make the decisions. However, there is an awesome opportunity for officers to reach out to sisters and empower them, take the time to get to know them, help them see that every sister in the chapter helps the chapter and impacts the chapter regardless of title.

Feeling Valued Leads to Lifelong Commitment

During my time as a collegian, there were many sisters that never held an officer position, but everyone knew they could count on them. That they would be there to assist with every event, to always help a sister in need. That is what leadership is all about, and the sense of feeling valued leads to a lifelong commitment. That feeling leads alumnae to get involved as a chapter advisor or work for our organization at the national level. it promotes the lifelong values of friendship and loyalty.

If you see a sister who doesn’t looked engaged at meetings and events, or if you notice that someone is always missing, don’t shrug it off. Take action. That sister might just need someone like you to help them see their value in the chapter. Let’s raise each other up, hold each other accountable and use our roles for good.

I wish you all the best in this new year.

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