Perrier Taste on an Aquafina Budget

I purchased this dress from Shein that is a dupe of a more expensive one from Anthropologie!

If you know me, you know I never buy anything full price. Macklemore’s, “Thrift Shop is literally my anthem. Something I love even more than finding a good deal is keeping up with the trends in today’s fashion world. I add to my Pinterest boards weekly, and am constantly looking to update my wardrobe. One thing I love more than finding a good deal, is when I help someone else find a good deal. To be honest, it’s probably my favorite pastime.

Recently, I have come across a few apps and resources to help me keep up with the trends, while still staying in my budget (which isn’t big). app

This is an app linked to different social media outlets that helps you find the outfits the bloggers are wearing. So that super cute Instagram fashion blogger that you are way too obsessed with? Yep, she is probably linked to!

And they even link to more affordable dupes if they’re wearing something a little more expensive. What makes this app even more useful is that even though many of these bloggers may be wearing designer clothing that are a little pricey, they often will link to affordable dupes on their profile as well! They do the hard work of finding dupes that still give the same vibe! If this is your jam, then you need to check out @champagneandchanel and her account. She is always keeping up to date with the latest trends and best boutiques.

Amazon is seriously taking over the world. Not only can you find car parts and get them shipped to your door step and even book someone to come install them, but you can also find dupes of the latest fashion trends. Your favorite designer belt that you can’t justify splurging on just yet? Yep! They have a dupe! You can even get similar looking jewelry to huge names in the fashion industry. I think what a lot of people don’t realize is the market that Amazon has for clothing and accessories. You will hit the jackpot here.

Another Shein find!

Lately I have spent most of my free time putting together a shopping cart on Initially, I wasn’t sold on this website, and at times still think that it is too good to be true. But, y’all–it is the real deal! Reading reviews makes all the difference in the world and the jewelry is on point! If you spend over $50 then you get free standard shipping which can take a little over a week, but if you spend over $100 you get free expedited shipping, which is 2 to 4 days! And let me tell you, $100 on this website will get you an entire new wardrobe! You need to check this out.

Instagram Bloggers

We love them, and we hate them, and most of the time we definitely want to be them. Instagram bloggers seem to live the life that we all dream about. They are endorsing new trends all the time and making us all super jealous in the process. What is great about keeping up with these bloggers is they usually offer discount codes to the products they are endorsing! This is a great opportunity to try the products you’ve been watching on Instagram without having to pay full price.

Facebook Groups

This is a hidden GEM in the world! Glitch groups are a real thing on Facebook and you need to join them all right now.  A glitch is when an item is ringing up incorrectly in a store or on a website, and these groups keep you posted on when it happens. One time I got Sharpies for 3 cents a piece! Did I need 75 Sharpies? Probably not. But do I have them now? YES! Just search on Facebook, “Target glitches” or “glitch deals.” You will find a ton!

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