Refresh Your Desktop: Sigma Kappa Wallpapers

I love that my laptop gives me the space to be creative, engage with people, read, learn new things and get inspiration. Between work, personal life and blogging, I usually spend around 10 hours a day on a computer! I don’t know about you, but a fun desktop wallpaper usually makes a difference in my attitude toward staring at the screen. A good visual wallpaper dresses things up a bit and can give me a small creative boost when needed.

One of my favorite parts of my job here at headquarters is the chance to be creative and find modern ways to use our brand, so I spent some time creating five new Sigma Kappa desktop wallpapers with our new visual identity. I usually switch up my desktop wallpaper every few weeks and I can’t wait to rotate these new options depending on my mood. These six different wallpapers each have a different design flair. Which do you think you’re going to choose for you computer first?


Whether you are back to school or back to work, I hope these new Sigma Kappa desktop wallpapers give you a boost of inspiration. Even the smallest reminders – like a quick glance at our computer – can remind us to live with heart.

Download your favorite desktop wallpaper here on the Sigma Kappa website. Once you log-in to the members only side of the website, click on the drop down menu called Toolbox and then click on Printed & Digital Media. You’ll scroll down and find the expandable menu to download Desktop Wallpapers. If you have any troubles with them, please let me know! If you Instagram a picture of your new desk set-up, be sure to tag us @sigmakappasorority.

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    1. The size is designed to fit most desktops, but you may be able to fit it to your phone screen depending on which type of phone you have and which design it is. Depending on the amount of interest, I would be happy to design sizes specifically for mobile wallpapers!

  1. These are cool – can’t wait to try them out. I’d be interested in a tablet and phone version too.

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