Sigma Kappa Through the Years

When you put on your white dress and badge, have you ever stopped to think about what Sigma Kappa ritual means to you? For each member, ritual has a unique meaning. For me, it is a constant reminder that I am a part of an organization that is much bigger than myself. Our ritual reminds me that I am bound by the high ideals of Sigma Kappa and should strive every day to be the best version of myself. Sigma Kappa connects me to every sister in the mystic bond and keeps me grounded in our values.  

Ritual connects each member, past and present, to Sigma Kappa. No matter our differences, we as Sigma Kappa’s have one thing in common- ritual. Since 1874, the same ritual has been memorized and cared for by members. As initiated members of Sigma Kappa, we each play a part in taking care of our rituals and upholding their value. It is our duty to ensure that members who will come after us have the same appreciation for our ritual, just as the members who before us. Our ritual is timeless and brings each member back to the core of what it truly means to be a Sigma Kappa. Ritual should not only be focused on during ceremonies, but it should be lived out in our daily lives serving as a constant reminder of what it means to be a Sigma Kappa.  

With Founders’ day right around the corner we are reminded of our connection to Sigma Kappa’s five brave founders – five collegiate women who came together to create the timeless ideals of Sigma Kappa. They spent countless hours creating the ritual that we are still uphold today. Through the new member process, we learn about our founders and meanings behind the symbols of our sorority. After initiation, we are reminded each week of those meanings and ideals developed by our founders.                                                                                        

After 145 years, our ritual remains a constant that binds our present-day sororities to our founding chapter. Founder’s Day celebrates the five women who started it all. Together, active members and alumnae, are reminded each Founder’s Day of the struggles, challenges and successes of our founders and what they overcame to start Sigma Kappa. 

It’s hard to not think about our founders while practicing our ritual. They thought of more than just a song, prayer, password or formation. Our founders’ care for ritual created a guide of ideals and standards for collegiate women, based on their own role models and standards that are still upheld by Sigma Kappa women 145 years later. Because our ritual is what connects each woman in the organization, it is kept a secret. Keeping this secret ensures the bond of every Sigma Kappa member and that it does not lose integrity through generations of members.   

I often find myself wondering what it would have been like to gather with other collegiate women to create the foundation for an organization that many women would cherish in the years to come. In celebration of Sigma Kappa Founders’ Day, I encourage you to take the quiz “Which Founder are you most like?”. This quiz can serve as a fun way to learn more about our Founders and connect to these five incredible women. The Sigma Kappa website also offers several resources that you can use to celebrate the woman that started it all. On Founders’ Day we should gather as Sigma Kappa’s to remember our Founders’ for all their love and dedication that they put into the sorority. A legacy that continue to provide members with a life-changing experience. I encourage you to spend time this Founders’ Day thinking about the connection you have to Sigma Kappa. We have our Founders to thank for paving the way for us and creating a sorority that lives with heart! 

LC Annie’s Bio: 

As a leadership consultant, Annie supervises activities of assigned collegiate chapters; partners with volunteers and staff to implement an execute chapter development efforts; directs, teaches, advises and consults with chapter members in the areas of recruitment and chapter operations. Annie is from the Kappa Gamma Chapter at The University of Dayton. Go Flyers! When she was a collegiate member she served as a standards council representative and chapter president. Annie was also a member of Habitat for Humanity and serves as a 4-H volunteer in her home community. One thing you may not know about Annie is that she loves spending time traveling to various county fairs during the summer! 

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