Sigma Kappa Throughout the Decade

Ten Accomplishments in no particular order

  1. Technology Enhancements and Innovation

a.     DoveHub launched

b.     Partnership with GIN, now OmegaOne

c.     Recruitment management software, now OmegaRecruit

d.     SKillab for officer training and NM education

e.     Reports are submitted via SmarterSelect

f.    Billhighway

2. Alumnae Engagement

a.     Began accepting online alumnae national dues and introduced virtual alumnae chapter. Several new virtual alumnae groups created: military, book club, travel and cooking groups

b.     CONNECT events

c.     Spring Thing

d.     Legacy Link

f.      35 Under 35

g.  Volunteer district structure and governance: retired CPO role and created ABS role; introduced annual evaluations; added dedicated VSM staff role

3. Communication & Marketing

a.     Joined the world of social media through Facebook and Twitter and later added a YouTube channel and Instagram

b.     Launched The SKoop and LowDown newsletters

c.     Live with Heart rebrand and entity co-branding

d.     Created the LowDown Podcast

4. Collegiate Chapters

a.     23 new collegiate chapters

b.   Added the VPPS role to executive council

c.   Recording secretary and corresponding secretary combined into VPC then VPCO

 d.    EVP changed to VP standards and values

e.   VPS changed to VP academic excellence

f.    Created Diversity & Inclusion chairman role

5. Programming

a.     Workshop Warehouse

b.     NVDW/Volunteer Summit

c.     Live with Heart Facilitator Team

d.     Open Hearted: Diversity and Inclusion initiative and resources

e.  Ritual resources

f.     Retired COTS and launched Regional Leadership Conferences

6. Sigma Kappa held NPC Chairmanship 2015-2017

7. Moved NHQ location to Carmel

8. Intentional and strategic cross-entity collaboration, including annual entity meetings

9. Talkspace partnership

10. Staff has grown exponentially. Added programming team, alumnae team grew, and created the senior director level to strategically structure staff into three teams: Communications, Membership Strategy, Operations

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