Top 5 Reasons to be a Leadership Consultant

When the leadership consultant application opened for the 2019-2020 school year, it hit me that I am already a month into my second year serving as a leadership consultant. I can’t believe how quickly the time flies! I immediately reflected on all of my experiences over the past year and how much I gained from being a leadership consultant. Since this is also my last blog, I knew I needed to express how grateful I am to be serving as a leadership consultant and share the many benefits of this position. I could talk (or write) forever about how amazing this job is and all the ways I have benefitted from it, but I realized I should probably narrow it down to a few key points. Here are the top five reasons to be a leadership consultant!

5. Networking

One of the biggest perks of the leadership consultant position is meeting amazing collegians and alumnae! There are thousands of inspiring Sigma Kappa members and having the opportunity to meet them can really open doors. I’ve met many Sigma Kappa women who have influenced my future career path by answering my questions, talking to me about opportunities, or just being great role models. The best part is by building these relationships I know I can reach out to them in the future for support. Outside of Sigma Kappa, leadership consultants also have the chance to meet with consultants from other organizations, fraternity and sorority advisors and other professionals in higher education. These professionals are similarly inspired and driven to lead in the field of higher education and have a better understanding of what we’re experiencing; they can be helpful in figuring out how to leverage this opportunity in the future, whether that is in higher education or another path.

4. Professional Development

Throughout the year, the leadership consultants receive over 150 hours of professional development training. An important aspect of this training is exploring strengths, communication styles, and personality assessments (my personal favorites are the Myers-Briggs and StrengthsFinder). Through this training, leadership consultants gain a better understanding of their strengths in the workplace and what they can contribute as leaders. Having a better understanding of our selves and talents is definitely beneficial on the job and in future careers! After training, we get to put this knowledge into practice on the road. Leadership consultants constantly use their strengths to analyze situations, provide suggestions, and help chapters improve. Additionally, being a leadership consultant means we are representing the national organization to everyone we meet, so professionalism is always the expectation. We consistently meet and communicate with university representatives, chapter members, alumnae, Sigma Kappa volunteers and staff, and other community stakeholders. We also fulfill aspects of the job that would be relevant to any other workplace, such as writing detailed reports and managing budgets.

3. Adaptability & Travel

This job provides endless opportunities to explore as leadership consultants travel all across the country to assist as many chapters as possible. Anything and everything can happen on the road! Leadership consultants learn quickly to be flexible and open to all of these new situations and cities; no chapter is the same and no member is the same, which means everyone is going to need something different. With so many people and places and needs, leadership consultants are always flexing our strengths and determining the best way to work in changing environments. At the end of the year, you will feel prepared to take on anything.

2. Pursue your Passion through Sigma Kappa

Everyday, this job asks us to work with chapters in a variety of areas, including recruitment, risk management, educational programming, leadership development, financial management, and more! This gives every leadership consultant the opportunity to hone in on their passions and continue to develop them on the road. My favorite aspect of the job is that I get to spend my time helping other women develop as leaders and achieve their goals. The experience this job provides can truly be translated into any career field and anything you are passionate about.

1. Giving back to the organization that has given you so much!

Nothing makes me more proud than contributing to the longevity of Sigma Kappa. Every day, I can say that I am working to continue to make our founders’ dream a reality. As you can probably tell from this post, I have about a million reasons to thank Sigma Kappa for making me the woman I am today. I am honored to be able to make a similar impact on other women across the country through this role. What impact will you make?

Apply to be a Sigma Kappa leadership consultant here.

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