These Sisters Are Made for Walking

It’s autumn! As a sorority, we support the Alzheimer’s Association throughout the year. But this season is special, because it’s the time that Sigma Kappa collegians and alumnae all over America participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

Did you know this tradition has been around for less than thirty years? When it first began, in 1989, it was called Memory Walk. Only nine Alzheimer’s Association chapters participated. Sigma Kappas were quick to join the fun!


Cincinnati alumnae and Alpha Iota Chapter collegians at Miami University participated in their local Walk and wrote about it in the spring 1991 issue.

Two collegiate chapters were proud to feature their Memory Walk participation in the summer 1991 issue of the Sigma Kappa Triangle:

  • Theta Rho, University of Kentucky, participated in Fall 1990
  • Delta Chi, University of Central Oklahoma,  worked with the local Alzheimer’s Association chapter to plan its 1991 Memory Walk

The Greater Kansas City Alumnae Chapter teamed up with the Greater Kansas City Alzheimer’s Association chapter to sponsor the first 10K Memory Walk in October of 1990. In the winter 1991 issue of the Sigma Kappa Triangle, they wrote, “Sigmas participated in the walk and assisted with registration. The registration table proudly displayed the Sigma Kappa banner.”

It wasn’t until 1993 that Memory Walks grew into a nationwide event in more than 160 locations. Twenty-five years later, there are more than 50,000 teams participating in more than 600 Walks across the country. Today, Sigma Kappa is one of three Platinum-level National Teams with more than 10,000 participants in the walk who have received donations from over double that number of supporters. As a team, we more than doubled our $500,000 goal. Well done, sisters!



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