Wardrobe Essentials for the Everyday Fashionista


Right before I moved, I donated over 20 bags of clothes, shoes and accessories to Savers thrift. I did a serious deep clean of my closet and said goodbye to my college wardrobe and set forward for a new, New York, one. I never imagined I could cut my wardrobe down so much (disclaimer: I still have a lot of clothes) but the biggest lessons I learned were that I only really needed my essential pieces, and my outfits became more creative when I had a limited wardrobe.

The hardest part of revamping your wardrobe is saying bye to the pieces you don’t really wear but ask yourself, “But what if I go to this event? Or maybe I’ll wear it one day?” The answer should be ‘no’ but I have that exact internal battle with myself every time I clean out my closet. Today I am talking about those essentials pieces you need in your closet for a full-proof fashionista wardrobe, and I have broken down my closet cleaning process into 5 simple steps:

  1. Set aside and keep the pieces you wear repeatedly – these should be your essentials
  2. Bag up any pieces that don’t fit, stained/ruined or you don’t like
  3. Bag up any pieces that you haven’t worn in 6 months
  4. Go through the short list and make a definite ‘yes’ pile and undecided pile
  5. Finally, go through and undecided pile and only keep items you can build an outfit with and wear that month


Although it may seem tedious to break down the process into 5 rounds, it helps you look at smaller quantities and eliminates the questions of “maybe I’ll wear this.” It’s a straight forward process and you’ll realize very easily which pieces your gravitate towards as your ‘essentials’, and the pieces you definitely can’t live without or know you can build an actual outfit with. Also, get rid of a lot of repeats in your wardrobe. As much as I love chambray shirts, I had to realize that owning 4 chambray button-ups, 2 jean jackets and 2 jean vests was a tad excessive of one type of material. I narrowed it down to 1 button-up, 1 jacket and 1 vest and have removed that thinking process when getting dressed of what shade or cut I want to wear – I simplified my wardrobe and therefore simplified my getting ready and thought process. Isn’t that our real goal in the morning? I’d love to be up and out of the door in 20 minutes, and removing the overflow of options, I can basically do that! Minus hitting the snooze a million times of course…


Want to read about the 73 essential items I recommend having in your wardrobe for the year? Read my original post on my fashion blog, Simply Audree Kate.


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