When a Sister Becomes a Sister

It’s a special thing being a Sigma Kappa. Between our rich history and values is a true sisterhood which stands the test of time. You find those women who become your family when yours is no longer around, those who stand by you when you get married, become the cool aunt and just share in the constant ups and downs of life.

For all these reasons and more I know that Sigma Kappa has truly changed me for the better. Working for our National Headquarters has challenged me and made me redefine what it means to be a Sigma Kappa for life. I realize that I am always talking about Sigma Kappa with everyone and anyone who wants to hear. So much so, my immediate family could probably recite our values, symbols, colors and more.

However, when it came time for my only sister to head off to college and go through recruitment, I stopped. I never for one second wanted to influence her recruitment and sorority experience or make her feel pressured to join my chapter. Let me just say that week was awful. Hearing her talk about another chapter when deep down all I wanted was to share something special between the two of us.

Now, I didn’t mention that I travel full time for Sigma Kappa, as a leadership consultant. Which is amazing, but so far all of life’s joys and heartaches have taken place away from home, in an airport, chapter house and even stuck outside in the rain.

So naturally, Aug. 19 at noon, while trying to grab a suitcase marked as extremely heavy in the Nashville airport and wearing wedges which are too heavy to put in my suitcase, I received a photo to which I just started crying, dancing and screaming. It was of my sister on the lawn at Sigma Kappa with her bid card. Now, I am sure the Nashville airport or the travelers on Delta flight 652 will never be the same.

Knowing that my sister will be able to experience all the good time I have had makes life a little sweeter. I will never be able to thank Sigma Kappa enough for allowing me to share something so true with my sister. It has not only brought us closer together, but it will bring her endless laughs, true friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

Guest post contributed by Paige Cook, Leadership Consultant and alumna of Xi Chapter at University of Kansas, where her sister was initiated Oct. 8.

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