Why are We Sisters, Not Just Friends?

It doesn’t matter if you are in a sorority or have never been near a formal chapter meeting: we all know that sorority women consider each other “sisters.” Someone might ask, “What does this actually mean? How is this different from just being friends?” As someone with two biological sisters and 164,000 sorority sisters, I would love to draw some comparisons.  

LC Abby and her sisters Tori (left) and Raegan (right) on her college graduation day at the University of Oregon!  

Friendship and sisterhood are intertwined but not interchangeable. When you just met the sister you’re talking to, you already care for her. Most importantly, you understand what she stands for and the values she holds. For the sisters you already know, you trust them and know you can come to them when in need. You want to see happiness and success for each other. Sigma Kappa women have always understood that loyalty to each other is the priority.  

Abby and University of Oregon (Alpha Phi) sisters Tea, Jacqueline and Sophie in front of the chapter house  on Founders’ Day. 

When you are sisters with someone, you are held to a higher standard. Your sisters trust you to reach out when you’re concerned, and vice versa. When this happens, you will listen with an open heart, knowing she is approaching you with thoughtful concern. We all make mistakes and sisters are there to support you through it. In the end, isn’t that so much more impactful than that sister just letting it go? 

Realistically you may not always love your sisters and that’s okay. It is unreasonable to assume you are going to get along with every woman in your chapter all the time. However, you still want the best for them. Even when it is not easy, you are still sisters. This is especially the time to be exactly that, sisters. We have commitment to our founders and to each other to do just that. Talk it out, listen to her side, and move on. You might not always be friends, but you will always be sisters.  

Sisterhood is forever. From bid day to graduation to the rest of your life, remember your sisters. They will always be there for you. The chapter events you have while in college are a lot of fun, but it’s the lifelong support and the opportunity for personal growth that creates the sorority experience. Sigma Kappa is being a part of something that encourages your best and gives you tens of thousands of sisters to help you through it. As we move into the holiday season, remember all sisters who have supported you in your life and take a moment to thank our founders for creating this exceptional sisterhood.  

Bio: As a leadership consultant, Abby supervises activities of assigned collegiate chapters; partners with volunteers and staff to implement an execute chapter development efforts; directs, teaches, advises and consults with chapter members in the areas of recruitment and chapter operations.  Abby is from the Alpha Phi Chapter at University of Oregon. Go Ducks! When she was a collegiate member, she served as Vice President of Philanthropic Service and External Philanthropy Chairman and assisted in welcoming new students to the University of Oregon as a Residence Hall Center Assistant. One thing you may not know about Abby is she is learning American Sign Language and is committed to attend Syracuse University in 2020 to earn her Doctorate of Audiology. 

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